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Bing Rewards Program Launched in UK

By June 6, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

The Bing Rewards program was so far restricted to the users of Bing in the United States. The program has now been extended to users in the United Kingdom. Users in the UK who have signed-up for the Microsoft account can now earn points when searching. The points thus earned can be redeemed for a wide range of features and products from the Microsoft Store, including games, music, apps, movies, and devices.

Microsoft also allows the points to be converted into donations for charity.

Earn for Searches

Generally, reward schemes help users earn points when they purchase something by spending money. This unique program from Bing lets users earn points just for using the search engine for making searches. All they have to do is to ensure that they are signed-in.

Microsoft has launched a new news centre in the UK for launching the program.

Earning Levels

There are two earning levels within the Bing Rewards program:

  • Level 1: New users will be entering this level. They will gradually advance to the next level.
  • Level 2: As users collect more points, they enter the level 2. Some of the benefits of entering the level include 10% off on buying items from the Microsoft Store and other exclusive offers.

The offers don’t just stop there. As part of early promotions, Microsoft is also giving a chance to its users to appear in upcoming music album from Charlie XCX.

Bing Rewards Program

The Bing Rewards Program allows users to redeem the points earned towards apps, games, music and movies. The points can also be used to purchase different types of devices from Microsoft, including Xbox One. The search engine may have used many other programs to boost its search market share, but Bing Rewards has been the longest one yet.

The search engine currently holds around a market share of 20% in the United States. It is almost the same in the UK. The program will be launched in other major markets after the UK. This includes Germany, France and Canada. With the Rewards program, Bing is literally offering incentives to increase its user base. It will be worthwhile to see how Google responds to this program’s expansion to the UK and new markets.

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