While Google is busy releasing one update after another, Microsoft has also been working on its Bing App. The Android app of the search engine has received a new update with complete overhaul of the design. The Bing Android app has become more clutter free than ever before. It has also achieved the true KISS principle that has been central to Google’s design and functional policy.

New rich snippet results have been introduced similar to Google. Not only will you be able to submit queries directly, you will be able to get find more information from the results.

Bing Search app is now easier to user. Features better colours and delivers clearer and richer search results. A new addition is that you can search for animated gifs. It will also display trending gifts, allowing you to save them with ease.

Customise User Interface

Bing has now made it possible to customise the app’s interface and readability. Some of the elements that can be tweaked with include:

  • Font size
  • Font style
  • Background

If you want to check the latest changes, it will be required to update the app. There are also many performance enhancements and bug fixes. Accessing search results, including images and videos has become faster.

List of New Features

Overall, the search app has received the following list of new features across aesthetic and functional elements:

  • Newer colours
  • An easier to use and simple UI
  • Customisation over aesthetic elements for custom search experience
  • Display of reviews and ratings when you search for certain categories like restaurants, music and movies
  • Trending GIFs and the option to download them

It is expected that the latest update will help Microsoft get more users to come onboard the Bing Search app. According to the latest report, Bing (desktop search) has seen some positive growth in the UK market share. The new simpler yet richer UI is expected to help the app gain stronger foothold. The company had recently introduced a points-based system to encourage more people to use its search engine.

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