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If you have been using Bing Product Ads, you can now show multiple images in the program if you add your image URLs into your feeds. Bing Shopping Campaigns have received a set of new features. Find out what the new changes are and how you can use them.

Reporting for Product Status

Now you can view 4 new columns within the Product groups report section when you access the Bing Ads dashboard.

  • Product Submitted Column: This column displays how many products have been uploaded within Bing Merchant Center. You can also view a Products Ready to Serve column where it shows the products that were processed without any errors and are qualified for bidding.
  • Products Targeted Column: This column displays the products within the product group that are being bid on.
  • % Products Targeted Column: This section shows the percentage of products that were submitted and are being bid on within the product group.

In order to view data across your ad campaigns, access the Product match count report. This report can be accessed using the following steps:

  • Open Reports
  • Open Product ads
  • Open Product match count

This report will provide you details of the matched products at different levels including Product Group, Campaign, and Ad Group levels.

Show Multiple Product Images

Now you can add multiple image URLS into your product feeds. This means you can display multiple images of a product. You can also show products from different angles. The feature will take a few couples to roll out to all the advertisers.

  • The program now allows you to add a maximum of 10 image URLs within the [additional_image_link].
  • The image URLs can be separated using a comma delimiter.
  • The different image formats supported include JPG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, EXIF and GIF
  • Image files should be maximum 3.9 MB large and minimum 220 x 220 pixels
  • There cannot be free shipping text or watermarks in the images (this is the old rule)

Universal Event Tracking for Verifying Domains

If you have employed Universal Event Tracking (UET) tags within your websites, you can now use it for verifying your domains when setting up your Bing Merchant Center account. You can verify the domain inside Bing Merchant Center > store creation workflow. There is another existing way to verify domain – using Bing Webmaster Tools.

Many businesses have used Bing Shopping Ads with amazing success. This includes companies in the events, branding, hotels, building materials, and insurance sector amongst others.

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