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Bing Shopping Campaigns Gets an Update: Adds Three New Features

By April 27, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

There have been a few changes at Bing Shopping Campaigns to make the program easier to use and boost advertising returns. The updates are focused on allowing timely feed uploads and provide information about title optimisation. There are 3 major new feature updates.

Product Level Search Query Report

Now you can view the search queries that lead to the product ads. You can get detailed information including:

  • Product ID level
  • Product Search Term

The advantage is that you can ascertain if products are being displayed for the right search terms. According to Bing Ads, this report helps provide you innovative ideas for product title optimisation.

This new feature will let you know the queries that matched the products. You will be able to optimise your product titles better. Before this, search term reports were provided at 3 levels:

  • Ad group level
  • Keyword level
  • Campaign level

You can now learn what types of queries trigger ads against your particular products.

Product Inventory Update Feeds

Now you can also upload inventory update feed as an addition to the main product feed. The feed can be uploaded manually (Bing Merchant Center) or through FTP and you can provide information about price changes and availability.

The advantage of this additional feed is that there will no longer be any need for uploading a new main feed whenever products are out of stock, getting restocked, and go on/off sale.

It will help in significantly saving time for processing attributes which need regularly updated. Because updates are made only for the changing product offers, you will also find it easier to manage.

Scheduled Feed Download

Now you can also designate the specific time of the day for Bing Ads to download automatic feeds. The time can be set on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

This is different from manual submission of feeds. Feeds can be scheduled at the time which you think is best for you. You can manage all the scheduling options from within the Bing Merchant Center. After scheduling, the feed will be downloaded, processed and displayed on Bing Ads.

These new updates will make things easier and better for advertisers. Managing your shopping campaigns will become more convenient and swifter.

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