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Bing Spotlight: Microsoft Launches New AI-Based News Aggregator

By September 7, 2018 No Comments

Microsoft has released a new AI-based feature, called Spotlight, which highlights emerging news stories. It displays the timeline of the story, various perspectives, and relevant social media posts. The search engine recently announced an improved way to deliver information related to big stories that ‘evolve’ over some time.

What is Bing Spotlight?

The new feature from Bing provides a broader view of special news topics by providing a timeline of how the news developed. It does so by addressing the following points:

  • Review of the current headlines on a news story
  • Timeline of the evolution of the story
  • Social media posts from those who are related to the story
  • Various perspectives of the events from all over the web

According to Microsoft, Spotlight is being gradually rolled out and its progress will depend on the results from feedback.

Goal behind Launching Spotlight

Spotlight is an effort from Microsoft to make it easier for users to make sense of all the news that occupies their attention span. This new feature is an AI-based news aggregator. According to the search engine team, its core focus is on building user trust in the news it presents. It wants to provide an in-depth view of news from a wide range of trusted sources.

The feature finds topics that are treading using deep learning algorithms. These algorithms scan millions of news articles and search queries, daily.

It relies on a wide range of signals including the following:

  • All the publishers covering the news story
  • Browser logs
  • How each publisher has featured the stories

How Stories Qualify for Spotlight?

Not all news stories can qualify for Spotlight. There are some prerequisites for Bing to classify a story to be as important. It has to be newsworthy and original to make it to the top. The story should also follow best journalistic practices. It should clearly identify authors and sources, and provide attributions, and allow comments and opinions.

Bing has released this feature a few months after the Google News app received an update. It is also similar in many aspects. The app can read news articles, videos, podcasts, and social media posts. It relies on Google’s AI-based algorithms to check the authenticity of the news and highlights stories accordingly.

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