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Bing UK & NHS Enter Partnership to Improve Hospital & GP Search

By March 2, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

The NHS has announced that it has had been in a partnership with Bing UK for more than a year. This is one of the first times when a public-funded national healthcare system has been worked with a search engine. The NHS reports that the objective behind this partnership was to improve search results for queries related to hospitals and general practitioners.

Access to NHS Database

Thanks to this, people will now be able to get a reliable list of local information for their location. All this data is being sourced from NHS’s database. Users can search using queries like “GP in london” and Bing will provide results with following information:

  • List of GPs in the specific location
  • Reviews left by users
  • Open times
  • Facilities

When users click on a result, they will view detailed information against the general practitioner’s office.

Data Volume

According to NHS, its service directories received more than 45 million views last year. However, when NHS compared this with the volume of search engine queries for hospitals and GPs, they realised that people were unable to get the benefits of all the comparison data that was with the organisation.

Improved Search Experience

With the new partnership between Bing UK and NHS, users will be able to have a more comprehensive and better search experience. The organisation expects that this will help in connecting people in a better way to the services and information they are looking for.

All the data is sourced from NHS Choices.

Benefits to Users

It will make it easier for users to find the required information while also being able to make the right choice of service. Users will be able to check the list of amenities available at a hospital. The user reviews work as valuable feedbacks from previous patients. This will further make it easier to choose the right hospital for you or your family.

Once a user has selected a practice, they can download the registration form. This unique collaboration between the NHS and Bing is expected to provide a lot more convenience to patients and their families. Everyone will now be able to search for the best GP or hospital near them using a simple search.

This is a unique development where the services of a search engine are being officially used by a major healthcare system.

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