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How to Boost Your Off-Page SEO?

By November 12, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing deliver the best-possible search results based on on-page and off-page SEO factors. Off-page factors provide search engines an indication into how other sites and users see your site. When your website is more useful to people, it is going to have more references on other sites on the web. There is likely to have more mentions on social networks.

On-site SEO is important, but off-site SEO can be equally important in helping Google and other search engines learn about your website or brand’s importance. The following tips can help you improve your off-site optimisation.

Social Sites

Social media signals have become more and more important with time. Make sure that your business has accounts with the leading social media sites. This includes:

There are many benefits of having social profiles for your business. It means reaching out to a larger online network. You can connect with people who are interested in your products and those who are your customers. You can also use social networks to promote your site.


Blogging is another effective off-site SEO strategy to help improve your search rankings. Blogging is a proven and effective way to promote your site. As you add new posts, search engines will crawl your website more often. This will further help in improving your site’s ranking.

Focus on Industry Influencers

This is an effective strategy to help create authoritative content. One of the most important things about influencer marketing is that you should not influence it. The only input you should provide is the following:

  • Targeted keywords you would like them to focus on
  • An outline
  • Bullets on key talking points
  • Optimised images

Your goal with this form of marketing should be to help create authoritative content that has high value in search engine algorithms, something that will help you rank high.

Video Marketing

You can also promote your videos on video sharing sites like YouTube to boost your off-page SEO. These videos can be product demos, promotional videos, or even industry-related news. You can also share videos from your website. This will help your content to be found by people and search engines.

Follow these strategies to strengthen your off-page SEO. If you need help in running successful SEO campaigns, it is recommended to visit for more information and to get assistance from the experts.