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How to Boost Your Search Rankings without Adding New Content?

By June 24, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

You do everything to help generate more and more traffic to your site. Most people think that adding new and fresh content is one of the most important strategies for generating more search traffic. Although creating and posting rich, fresh content is crucial, your existing content also needs to be optimised. In fact, the content already existing on your pages can play a very important role in boosting your search traffic.

So what are the steps you should be taking take to optimise your existing content so that your search rankings and search traffic can increase?

Don’t Ignore Keywords

The most important thing you must do is not to ignore keywords! It doesn’t matter what people think of keywords being dead in recent years. It’s not!

It doesn’t matter how advanced search algorithms become in terms of understanding user intent, all search engines will still need keywords to understand your content. Keywords will still be required and used by Google, Bing, Yahoo and others to rank content.

Keywords are still relevant and important!

Evaluate Current Keyword Rankings

Find out which keywords each page is ranking for. Don’t start with the keywords you used it to rank for. Search for keywords your visitors are using to search and reach your page.

Once you find these keywords, you will have an edge that was not there before you created your content.

Evaluate the Competition

If your pages are not ranking high, it simply means that there is other content (of the competitors) that is doing better.

You can learn about the competitors’ content using this method:

  • Conduct a search for your targeted keyword
  • Visit the top results pages
  • Evaluate the content on competitor pages to find out how they are better than yours

Optimise Your Content

Once you have the keywords your visitors are using to find you and evaluated your competition, you should optimise the content on your pages to best answer the queries your visitors are making.

At the same time you have to ensure that your current content doesn’t change altogether because search engines are still ranking it well. Simply update it with the identified keywords and what your pages are missing against the competition.

Keyword Optimisation

As already mentioned above, don’t ignore keyword optimisation. You should optimise your existing content for both the keywords you are currently ranking for and the targeted keywords for which you have not yet been able to achieve the top rankings.

Updating your content with new identified keywords can make the content longer. This is further beneficial for SEO. Also focus on making it as elaborate and comprehensive as possible to cover the topic.

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