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How to Build Links in 2015?

By February 18, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

How to Build Links in 2015? 1

Links continue to be of importance in SEO, but most webmasters are wary about adding new links with the fear of getting penalised. As Google continues to update its algorithm, with a strict stance on link building, there have been dramatic changes in the way how SEOs can build links any longer.

One of the best ways to determine if a backlink is going to be helpful, consider the two points before linking:

  • Will your target audience feel that your link is spam or reasonable?
  • Is your target audience likely to click on the link?

It is no longer about the quantity of links but the quality of links.

Reference Links – It is best to have links in the body of your content, which are meant solely for the purpose of reference.

Footer Links – It is however recommended to avoid the links in the footers of your site, as they can be considered as spam.

How to Get Quality Links

There are still some effective strategies for generating quality links:

Publish high quality content

Publish and share your best content. When creating content, you will be continually improving. Therefore, it makes more sense to start sharing your posts once you have written a few of them. Begin with the first 20 posts by publishing them on your site, without sharing them yet. This is because your initial articles may not be of the best quality.

Write for Other Relevant Sites

Find niche websites and reach out to them offering to write articles for them. Leading SEO experts claim that guest posting is no longer going to help you. However, it is not considered as spamming to be writing for relevant and highly regarded websites. Research niche websites and contact them through email or their web form.

Sharing on Google Plus

Social signals are becoming increasingly important in search ranking. Share your posts on social sites like Google Plus and Facebook, and you will notice a spike in traffic to those pages. This may be due to direct traffic from the social site, but Google Plus makes an exception to what Google usually claims. A mention in Google Plus allows a webpage to rank higher than the webpage.

There are a few more strategies like participation in online forums that can further help generate quality backlinks for your site. If you need more information about link building, it is recommended to visit to get the help of SEO experts.