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Build News Aggregator Links for Boosting Referral Traffic

By September 4, 2014 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Build News Aggregator Links for Boosting Referral Traffic 1

The general word out there is that links are losing their value. But the situation isn’t that bleak for search engine optimisers. There are some link strategies and sources that can still generate quality and large volume of referral traffic to your web pages. One such strategy is to generate links from news aggregators!

How Links from News Aggregators Help

Examples of news aggregators include:

These sites mostly provide a submission and voting system so that you could submit your links and everyone could vote on the favourite links. If your link gets onto the front page, it gets high level of exposure. This will make your link appear as high quality amongst the trusted community.

The Key to Successful Referral Traffic – The reason your links could generate more referral traffic from these aggregators is because they “aggregate” links and not “reproduce” them. There is high incentive for click through.

News Aggregator Links Means Spike in Referral Traffic

At the same time it is to be kept in mind that these forms of links will drive traffic in spikes and not in a continuing stream, which is what most SEOs desire. This is because news aggregators will always keep getting refreshed, so other links will take the place of your links.

The Social Referral Traffic Comparison

Build News Aggregator Links for Boosting Referral Traffic 2

You could compare this with a situation on social networks. For example, if your link gets shared by someone who has a vast network, you will experience a spike in social referral traffic. But your link will gradually come down from its top spot in the stream and your traffic will fall down as well.

Keys to Getting News Aggregator Links

How to get the most out of news aggregator links? Use the following steps:

  • Create rich content and promote as much as possible
  • It will be best if you’re already active on such communities
  • Follow the rules of each aggregator site for driving up the value of your links

Using News Aggregator Links

It is recommended to use news aggregator link strategy in combination with other conventional SEO strategies to ensure a regular flow of traffic. For example, you could already have a blog or network of blogs in place. But the volume of referral traffic this strategy can drive from time to time could help give a big boost to your stats and probably leads too.

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