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Building Safe Links After Latest Google Updates

By October 13, 2014 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

After the Penguin update link building appears to have lost its earlier importance. Especially, marketers now don’t see it as a long-term component in their SEO strategy. But the fact is that despite all the efforts by Google, link-related metrics continue to be a major part in the ranking algorithm. SEO experts continue to suggest acquiring of links, but only Google-safe links.

Broken Link Building

Building Safe Links After Latest Google Updates 1

It is becoming more and more challenging to acquire links without drawing the attention of Google. Among other strategies, broken link building has been established to be an effective and high-yielding method for link building. You will have to find existing resource pages and look for broken links. Find out who are linking to the pages (with broken links), and these can work as your prospects.

Contact the webmasters of these sites and provide your content that they could link to. The process may seem to be cumbersome, but you can use automating tools for the purpose that can save you time and reach out to hundreds, if not thousands of sites.

Link Development

Link development is a link building strategy that uses some of the methods that still work, including social profile building, content optimisation and social media optimisation. Some of the other methods in the process include:

  • Build local listings on search engines;
  • Optimise all your Google+ posts;
  • Submit your site to only relevant and high quality directories.

Avoid using conventional link building strategies as most of them don’t work or could get penalised. Use new strategies that can help you build strong link profile.

Avoid Ineffective Link Strategies

Building Safe Links After Latest Google Updates 2

There are many traditional link strategies which are no longer effective and should be avoided. Some of the best examples include the following:

  • Submitting on low-quality directories
  • Paid links
  • Article submission on low-quality article directories
  • Article spinning
  • Spamming forum comments
  • Link wheels

Besides content marketing, implement safer and more effective link planning, link management and link development strategies that can last longer and don’t mean wastage of time, effort and money. Some suggestions include:

  • Creating compelling content
  • Discover opportunities – analyse link profiles of competition
  • Broken link building (as already mentioned above)

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