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How Can You Make Your Ads Memorable?

By August 24, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

You are constantly running PPC ad campaigns and you don’t expect the impact of an ad to last long. That is exactly what you expect from your ads. Imagine the results if your text ads become memorable and make a bigger impact on your target audience.

So what should you do to make your ads memorable? Your target audience is getting exposed to lots of online promotion every day.

Research Study

According to a research study involving Bing users, the following findings were recorded for the travel niche.

The most memorable ad elements for the users were:

  • Visuals: 49%
  • Deal or price: 41%
  • Personalisation: 37%

So how do you make your PPC ads more memorable? The following tips should help you:

1. Create Visually Appealing Text Ads

Bing Ads offers Multi-Image Extensions. You can upload up to 5 images that will be displayed when your ad gets served. The result is that you are able to catch your target audience’s attention more effectively. These extensions allow help in guiding users to landing pages.

Make the most of this strategy using the following tips:

  • Upload maximum possible images
  • Enable ad serving alongside other extensions
  • Make sure the keywords used are highly relevant
  • Make sure to create optimised display text
  • Make sure the same images are included on the landing pages

2. Personalised Content

How can you personalise the content of your text ads? The key is to optimise your ad targeting capabilities. Create remarketing lists based on the dynamic URLs. Such URLs show dynamic elements describing colour, size, and style, and this information helps you understand what your visitors are interested in. Thus, you can customise the user experience and the ads.

3. Highlight Deals & Offers

Special deals and offers are important aspects of ads. The way your offers are presented makes a huge impact. It should take into account the reducing general attention span of the consumer. Deliver the key information that is most important to your audience, including:

  • The cost
  • Where to buy the product
  • Is the product on sale

Make sure that all this info is provided upfront.

You can use price and promotions extensions. The extensions allow you to highlight your offers. The information in the ad and the landing page (destination) should match. Also make sure that the relevance is clear. The extensions should clearly display prices.

So make sure to follow these tips to make your ads more memorable. Visit for more information and getting assistance in driving better results.