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Can PPC help Improve your SEO Campaign?

By January 17, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Can PPC help Improve your SEO Campaign? 1

Any strategy that helps improve your brand awareness has an effect on your SEO. PPC is the perfect method for increasing your products awareness amongst the target audience. It can help generate initial interest that gradually turns into improved brand and keyword searches. Therefore, PPC does have an impact on your organic search.

PPC for SEO Keyword Research

With the changed keyword dynamics, the current keyword research techniques aren’t reliable. The tools provide you a list of keywords which are considered to be highly searchable. Even when a keyword delivers high volume of traffic, it has to be relevant to your niche. People who click on it must also be interested in your products. You could spend months or a year to optimise for a set of keywords and realise that your sales are telling a different story from your traffic stats.

PPC can prove to be helpful in guiding your organic efforts in the right direction. A PPC campaign will inform you the following:

  • Keywords that help generate high volume traffic
  • Keywords that help generate leads or sales
  • Copy that encourages the audience to click and purchase

PPC information can be extremely useful in informing your SEO campaign. You’ll be able to sort keywords groups based on the volume of traffic, helping you learn the most valuable keyword segments.

You can use PPC tools for keyword research to get a prioritised list of suggestions. You’ll find keyword groups that actually help generate leads or sales. These will be keywords that have already helped you generate sales through PPC.

Benefits of Combining PPC and SEO Campaigns

Can PPC help Improve your SEO Campaign? 2

Combining your PPC campaign with SEO can help improve visibility. The unique thing about SEO is that even if you achieve the top position for your most sought-after terms, there’s no guarantee that your website will receive optimal coverage. Your competition is also going to bid for most of these keywords to generate some traffic from organic search. By combining PPC and SEO, you’ll be able to focus on terms that generate traffic that actually converts even while improving your visibility of search engines.

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