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Can Rich Search Results Help You Stay Ahead of Algorithm Updates?

By September 6, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Every time you plan and run an SEO campaign, you realise that Google releases a new algorithm update and your strategies no longer carry the punch they should have after all that hard work. Every marketer and business now wants to create and implement SEO strategies that provide long-term results. So what should you do? The answer to the question lies in developing strategies to rank high in rich search results!

So What Does Rich Search Results Mean?

Rich search results or rich results contain ‘rich’ information that includes text, images, and different types of data. It has become so important that in increasing types of searches, the SERPs may be dominated by rich search results.

The key behind the success of rich results is that the more info a search result snippet provides, the more relevant it will be seen to the search. You can label your content to help Google identify the kind of data such as the name of the restaurant, rating, and address. When search engine spiders crawl your pages, they will identify markup for different information types like:

  • Products
  • Reviews
  • Music
  • Profiles
  • Events

Rich search results snippets will help improve “user experience,” one of the biggest factors in search engine ranking algorithms.

Here is what you can do to boost your search results:

  • Use rich snippets markup inline within HTML.
  • Use meta tags for identifying key info in documents.
  • Add PageMap data for your HTML page.
  • Identify the types of rich results that appear for your targeted search terms and focus on creating similar type of content.
  • Find out the types of rich search results that appear on the top for your keywords.
  • If the search results for your targeted phrase have videos, you should also create videos.

Marketers are always trying to find out the kind of content that their targeted audience is most responsive to. The key to succeeding with SEO is to create content that matches what your targeted audience is looking for.

Google itself can be the best source of information on what your audience is looking for and responding to. So if the search engine responds with articles to a query, it means that articles are what the searchers of that query looking for. You should therefore create articles to rank high for such queries. It can also be images and videos.

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