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Changing Content Dynamics for SEO

By September 22, 2014 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Changing Content Dynamics for SEO 1

Google, for a long time has taken the domain name and keywords too seriously when ranking websites. The general norm was that if a particular domain name matched with the search term, the website was likely to be ranked higher. This was technically referred to as partial/exact match domains. Things are changing fast and dramatically, and search engine optimisation experts across the platform are agreeing to the declining importance of keywords and domain matching domains.

Are Keywords Still Powerful Enough

Over the last 3 years – 2011 to 2014, keyword factors have been found to be declining. Several studies and expert analysis point out that there is dramatic decrease in the two features – Keyword in Domain and Keyword in URL. All the updates from Google over these years have considerably changed the SEO scenario, forcing website owners, webmasters and optimisers to move away from keyword-loaded content.

The last few years everyone has been focusing on evaluation of keywords and relevant terms because there have been major shifts in rankings based on the factors. It has been found that relevant keywords and proof terms played important role in the quality of content and their rankings.

Proof Terms – Refer to words with strong relation to the primary keyword, which have a high chance of appearing at the same time.

Relevant Terms – Refer to words with relevant relation to the primary keyword and have a chance of appearing within the same context.

Content Moves beyond Keywords

An important development in SEO has been the increase in the length of content. The highest ranking content is created in a way that could be read by the average person. It is also supported by rich media like photos and video. After significant drops rankings based on keyword-optimised strategies, the focus has shifted to creating quality content rich of “information”, instead of “keyword.” The days of keyword stuffing are gone.

Write more number of words that bring more value to your target audience. The dynamics of SEO have changed drastically, and it is all about providing useful “information” rather than optimising for keywords.

SEO has evolved like anything and it will be some time before more definite assumptions could be made about where keyword optimisation stands in your rankings.

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