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What is the Chrome User Experience Report & How it Can Help Your Website?

By November 16, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

The Chrome User Experience Report or CrUX is user performance data made available to the public. Google releases datasets related to millions of origins, every month on BigQuery. This includes statistics on web performance metrics that provide you valuable insights into web user experience. You can also use PageSpeed Insights to access user experience data and use the data to improve your website’s performance.

How CrUX Works?

The report is based on important user experience metrics from all over the web. The data is sourced from real users who have accepted to synch their browsing data and have enabled usage stats. You can access the UX report using these different tools:

  • BigQuery: This tool is powerful for processing data across all origins. You are allowed to query 1TB of data free every month. It aggregates UX metrics based on origin (that can be identified by Google’s crawlers)
  • PageSpeed Insights: Use this tool to view UX data for a single origin or page. You can use it to check metrics for all the URLs crawled by Google’s crawlers.
  • CrUX Dashboard: This dashboard allows you to view changes in UX of an origin over a period of time. There are no limits on how much data can be queried and visualised. It will also update the data automatically.

CrUX Charts

The First Contentful Paint, Connection Distribution, and Device Distribution are some of the most useful charts within the Chrome User Experience Report. They feature historical data, allowing you to see changes to distribution over time. The dashboard is live and will show you updated data every month. CrUX can also be used to monitor the competition.

PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights provides you the easiest way to access CrUX data. Its web interface requires entering the URL/origin and generates a useful chart. What makes it even more useful is that it can be keeps getting updated on a daily basis. Thus, you are able to access current data and make sound decisions. It also offers the advantage of page-specific performance data to help you further improve your website’s performance.

The ‘optimisation’ and ‘speed’ categories within PageSpeed Insights provide you valuable information. The Page Speed category labels pages based on their loading speed whilst the Optimisation category addresses the optimisation recommendations from Google.

Thus, the Chrome User Experience Report offers important insights, helping you to boost your SEO. It is recommended to visit for more information and to get the help of experienced online marketing experts.