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How to Combine Email Marketing & SEO for your Business?

By August 14, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Today there are many different online marketing strategies, including search marketing, social media marketing, and SEO. Email marketing is amongst the earliest of digital marketing channels and continues to be an effective method of reaching out to your target audience. It is still the best strategy when it comes to generating the highest-possible ROI. So how do you combine this proven and effective strategy with SEO to get the best of both worlds?

Use SEO Best Practices for Email

Use the following SEO best practices when building your email campaigns:

  • Optimise the titles, headlines, subject, and email copy when creating email templates.
  • Use your keywords in the email copy
  • Make sure that the emails within your email template are less than 600-pixel wide.
  • Use appropriate keywords to add alt text tags to the images in your email

It is also recommended to enable the option to ‘view in browser’.

Encourage Engagement

You cannot expect to boost your search rankings just by sending hundreds of emails to your subscribers. The key is to turn your subscribers into your searchers or landing page visitors. For example, you can introduce your blog posts to your subscribers and ask them to visit your blog and read the posts. This can boost your views, comments, and shares, which are important search ranking factors.

Use the following tips to encourage your email recipients:

  • Ask readers to leave comment to your blog posts
  • Create charitable campaigns and encourage email recipients to share the landing page or post to spread awareness
  • Drive subscribers to your social media channels and boost engagement

Allow Newsletter Content to be Saved

Another way to generate SEO benefits from email marketing is to reuse and repurpose your newsletter content. If you have long newsletters, turn them into blog posts. You can not only add them as blog posts, make sure the posts are shared on your social media channels. Even when the newsletters are short, you may send out several related newsletters together. Then you can combine the multiple newsletters to create a single blog post.

This will allow both your subscribers and non-subscribers to read your messages. It will also help your quality content to be indexed by search engines, thus boosting your search rankings.

Thus, email marketing shouldn’t have to be a standalone marketing strategy. You should be able to combine its benefits with those of SEO and generate more traffic and leads.

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