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Combining your Social and Search Engine Strategy

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Combining your Social and Search Engine Strategy 1


Anyone seeking to get a share of the online traffic share today will have to create strategies that embrace the two main pillars of online marketing – social media and search engine. The promotional scope on search engines is endless, but because the social media is a behemoth online platform today, it is not possible to ignore it at all.

The Huge Potential

Facebook has around 1.32 billion active users; twitter a few hundred million; LinkedIn another set of a few hundred millions; then there is Pinterest, Delicious, Reddit, and almost a dozen of popular names in the social media environment. They are all driving some of the largest volume of traffic, and if you can combine a social media and search engine strategy, you could be digging a goldmine of web traffic and profits.

If you have the time you can do it yourself, but if you can hire a professional, you could give a huge boost to your social+ search engine efforts. Remember, SEO is different and you would rather hire an agency for that aspect of your online promotion.

1.      Create More Social Accounts

Create accounts on all the major social media sites and share your social links around the web. Many directories allow you to add all of your business information, so make sure that your social account links are also mentioned there. For example, Pinterest offers field for adding your business’ Twitter account link.


2.      List Social Links on Your Website

List the social media accounts of your employees on your company website. This can be included in the bio-pages of your management staff. This can help expand your organisation’s online presence, which could help improve the search ranking.


3.      Stay Up to Date

Combining your Social and Search Engine Strategy 2


An important aspect of your social media and search engine promotion is to remain up to date with your social content and profile information. When there is relevancy between your social media content updates and current events or user searches, it will further help improve your online presence.


4.      Keyword Strategy for Social Media

An important aspect of social + search strategy is to develop a keyword strategy that will be part of all your social content. This strategy should be based on the keywords and keyphrases your customers and prospects are likely to use when searching for your products/services or business.

If you already don’t have a social presence, it is time you created one. If you have a few accounts with Facebook, Twitter and Google+, complete your profiles and start updating content and profile information regularly. Use the above-mentioned strategies and you can add another dimension to your search engine campaign.

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