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Content Marketing – Are You Doing it Right?

By May 30, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Today you cannot think of using most of the SEO strategies that were prevalent a few years ago. Everything changed after Google released a series of algorithm updates over the past few years. Content marketing has always been an integral part of SEO, and its importance has only increased more.  High-quality and relevant content is somewhere close to the heart of not just content marketing but also to the heart of SEO.

Content at the Heart of SEO

The SEO industry may have evolved at a very fast pace in a short lifespan. But almost all industry experts agree that the content marketing part of new landscape is going to remain permanent.

High quality content will remain the biggest SEO factor from here on. Only minor details are expected to change (in the future) from the way it is.

Google and other search engines will not go back from the concept of rich, diverse and quality content. They cannot afford to because their primary goal is to keep their users happy.

It is not just about creating great content, you must also ensure it’s optimised for SEO. This is essential to increase the content’s visibility.

Diverse Content is Crucial to SEO Success

Once businesses that used to sell a single product found it easier and cost effective to create almost similar content about different colours of the same product and post it all over their website and the web. That doesn’t work any longer!

That has changed totally now. You will have to tell different stories which are completely unique. That means your content should be diverse. Otherwise Google is going to penalise your site.

Cover Topics Thoroughly & Completely

Another key point to succeed with your content marketing efforts is to start creating content that is thorough and complete in covering the topic. This will give an accurate and clearer picture of what your site or page is about.

Rich content is something that gives most value to your readers. Your words, images, video, and links must mean something important to them.

Longer Content

If you want to succeed with content marketing efforts, start creating longer content. Repetitive studies show that the highest percentages of shares are received by posts that have at least 1,600 words.

When you cover a topic thoroughly, it is most likely that you will be able to meet the SEO requirement for length! Don’t start with a word count. Just focus on being as exhaustive as you can be! And depending on the topic it can be just 400 words or 800 words or even 2,000 words or more.

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