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Conversion Tracking – The Importance

By May 23, 2011 No Comments

It must be noted, that whatever your budget is for your PPC advertising the main thing is to ensure conversion tracking is installed, particularly if you sell products. At ‘The Search Marketing Shop’ we always encourage our clients to add the conversion snippet code to their website.

What is conversion tracking?

Conversion tracking is simply a way of finding out who has enquired or bought directly from your Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. It goes into great detail, so that you can find out which keywords and adverts the searcher enquired from. To get started simply create a stand alone thank you page, whereby the user will be directed every time a purchase is made, then add the html snippet and after your site starts converting you will see the results on your interface/reports. A more advanced way is to create a different thank you page for each product that is sold, you can then attribute a figure to each code, therefore you can see the turnover and gross profit from your pay per click advertising.

What are the benefits?

Put simply, if you have an advert that has had 300 clicks in a week and you only have one or two conversions, you know there must be a problem (depending of course on what you sell), you can then change the adverts, keywords or landing pages and gradually test and improve until your conversion rate is much higher. Also you can see how people converted, it states if the searcher visited your page, left and converted at a later date, or how many converted straight away. It is important to have a good analyst so that it is constantly being worked on.

What if I do not sell products directly from my site?

Although actual metrics will not be applicable, if you integrate an effective enquiry form you can once again test the performance of your ads, landing pages and keywords, tweaking them until perfected. It is also great for peace of mind and obviously business if you can see in black and white the performance of a specific advertising campaign.

I am a client of ‘The Search Marketing Shop’ and I haven’t activated conversion tracking…

Drop an email across to your account manager and they will liaise with your web developer and install it straight away.

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