When it comes to generating more leads, a landing-page strategy is the best way to achieve your goals. From the very design of the landing pages to how it is optimised, there are many ways you can maximise the conversion rates. Here are 5 strategies to help you create landing pages that convert.

Landing Pages that Convert

  • Clean & Well-Organised Design: How effective your landing page is, depends a lot on its structure and looks. Create a page with elements that have one goal – conversion. Make it simple to fill out forms, sign-up for newsletter, purchase, or download something. Use eye-catching images and proper use of colours. Test the placement of call-to-action buttons and their colours, and sizes.
  • Minimalist Design: Create a clean webpage that has clear navigation without any distractions. It should provide your visitors with all the required information, and nothing more, for them to convert. Don’t fill your page with too much information that can be overwhelming. Follow a minimalist and simple design that is easy on the eye and focuses on offering the desired information.
  • Ad Copy & Webpage Content should be Relevant: The ad copy that brings your visitors to your landing page should match the page’s headline and content. Otherwise your visitors are going to feel confused and leave your page. A matching ad copy and headline helps in lowering bounce rate and improves the chances of conversion.
  • Deliver Value: Once you have successfully brought traffic to your page, it is most important to deliver value. The best way to achieve this is to create an offer that is aligned with the needs of the visitors. Value is what helps in creating desire and increases conversions. Brand DNA’s is one of the ideal examples, where interior and exterior design service has effectively used its landing page strategy to show and deliver value to its visitors.
  • Give Enough Information: There should be just enough information on your landing pages. A long copy is more likely to send your visitors away because they don’t want to go through it all. At the same time, if the information is too light it may not be able to convince your visitors. The amount of information to provide depends on how complex your offer is and what you desire your visitors to do.

So when it comes to creating your landing page strategy, make sure to follow these tips. For more information and support, it is recommended to visit https://thesearchmarketingshop.com/search-engine-optimisation/. Here you can get details on how to use different online marketing strategies and also seek professional help.