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A simple search on Google for brand names will almost always list their Twitter account. For example, a search for ‘Londa Hotel’ shows the hotel’s Twitter account on page one of Google. This means you have more control over what appears on page one on Google when someone searches for your business’ name. So how to use Twitter to increase your real estate on page one of your brand search results.

The solution is to create attention-grabbing carousel of tweets. There are many brands that have successfully used this strategy to have their brand name searches result in featured tweet carousels. But it is not a domain that is limited to the larger brands. Anyone can take advantage of Twitter’s power on search engines.

Create Your Own Tweet Carousal

The key to having your own tweet carousal in search results is to tweet on a frequent basis. You should also encourage Twitter users to interact regularly with you. Follow these tips to build your Twitter dominance on search engines.

1. Few Hundred Followers

It is not essential to have millions of followers to get a carousel, but it is important to have high quality interactions with your tweets. So it is recommended to have at least a few hundred followers who are interested in what you tweet.

2. Tweet Regularly

It is not the number of tweets you tweet at a time, but how frequently you tweet that matters. You have to tweet regularly to not only create a carousel but also to maintain it. It is best to tweet a few times every day, especially during business hours.

3. Tweet Engaging Content

It will take you some time to determine what kind of content generates more:

  • Likes
  • Replies
  • Retweets

Once you know what works, you should tweet more on those topics to increase engagement levels. It is important to have high engagement levels for your tweets to be able to create and maintain your carousels in search results.

Go beyond content that speaks just about your brand or are focused on generating sales. Tweet content on topics that interest your target audience.

4. Use Popular Hashtags

Make sure that your tweets include popular hashtags are related to popular events. For example, you can easily find the most popular hashtags of the day. Create tweets that show your point of view on the topic.

Interact with other Twitter users as much as you can, include emojis into your tweets, and make sure that you tweet with consistency. All these steps can help you build and maintain a tweet carousel in search results for your brand name or even for your niche.

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