DuckDuckGo Becomes a Commendable Search Market Player: Grows to 30 Million Average Searches per Day
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DuckDuckGo Becomes a Commendable Search Market Player: Grows to 30 Million Average Searches per Day

By October 17, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

DuckDuckGo has shown steady growth for many years. Well known for its high focus on privacy, this search engine has recently reached the figure of 30 million average queries per day. Its recent surge in growth can be determined from the fact that it grew from 20 million average searches per day to 30 million within a year. It took 7 years to reach 10 million searches and another 2 years to reach 20 million searches per day. This makes it a promising option for search engine optimisation for many businesses.

50% Annual Growth Rate

According to the DuckDuckGo team, the search engine has been growing almost steadily at a rate of 50% annually. The rate has shown increased growth this year, even more in the past 2 months, giving an indication that the growth rate is climbing.

Comparatively, Google generates tens of billions of average searches per day. While DuckDuckGo may not have the volumes to rank up to the top search engines, it has built a reputation for its high level of user privacy.

How DuckDuckGo Works?

The search engine has its unique crawler for indexing search results. In addition, it is unique in relying on Wikipedia and other crowd-sourced websites, and Bing to index search results. The company also has a policy of disclosing its web traffic statistics to the public. However, there is not as much aggressive indexing of websites like the top tier search giants.

Privacy-Centred Algorithm

DuckDuckGo is different from other search engines in the way it has developed its algorithm around high level of privacy for its users. It doesn’t do the following:

  • Tracking user search behaviour
  • Using cookies by default
  • Gathering personal information

The search engine has a unique methodology for preventing search leakage. This means that it will not know what websites a user has visited before landing on it. Thus, it can be seen as a search engine that was pre-compliant with the GDPR regulations.

It is worth mentioning that DuckDuckGo is backed up by a team that is only 53-employee strong. Despite its small size, the search engine already commands a larger search space compared to some major global companies. Its global search market share is only 0.18%. However, it ranks above AOL, which was among the biggest names in the industry years ago.

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