Email Marketing Dominates this Black Friday

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Email Marketing Dominates this Black Friday 1

The Black Friday sales are over and the reports are already here. The latest data reveals that online sales increased more than 20% compared to the last year. Guess how much percentage of the online sales was driven by email? The more conventional marketing platform has surprised everyone by driving over 27% of Black Friday online sales.

Black Friday Sales Evolving

Black Friday has evolved from a single day shopping extravaganza to a weekend-long buying spree. Every year the percentage of people shopping from their homes and offices is increasing at a staggering rate and businesses are required to use the Internet to reach them. Email has proved itself to be an effective way for retailers to do so.

Emails allow consumers to discover the deals available for different brands. Brands and marketers have also become smarter about categorization and how to send only relevant emails to their target audience. This is one of the main reasons why conversion rates have shown significant increase so far during this holiday season.

Email Vs Organic Search

Email Marketing Dominates this Black Friday 2

A noticeable finding that has been reported this Black Friday is that email surpassed organic search in terms of online sales. The latest reports show that organic search generated around 19% of sales. Even paid search was slightly behind organic search. This was a major boost for email marketers. Google searches, both organic and paid, during the first 3 weeks of the festive season had driven over 40% of online sales.

The reason behind this shift is probably because of the shift in the consumer’s goal during Black Friday. Shoppers usually want to find the best deals during Black Friday, and emails have been more successful in bringing such offers as compared to Google searches.

The Email Advantage

Email Marketing Dominates this Black Friday 3

Email, unlike most other online medium, works as a direct line of communication for businesses. It allows you to directly inform your prospects and existing customers about the deals which are highly relevant to them. This is because most of the time you already know that your email subscribers are interested in your brand.

Besides email, mobile has also shown significant growth in online sales this Black Friday. Last year, the online sales from mobile were 22% of overall Internet sales. This year the figure has risen to 30%.

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