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Enterprise SEO is for Everyone

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An enterprise is typically a large corporation – Fortune 1000 company or at least a Global 2000 company. Things can be confusing when it comes to making your enterprise website, and how to go about enterprise SEO. Without concern whether your company is an enterprise business or not, anyone could build an enterprise site and implement enterprise SEO. It is more about the number of web pages you have, and the volume of products. If you have more than a thousand products on offer, you will be building an enterprise site.

Enterprise Website Vs Enterprise SEO

Even if you are a Fortune 1000 or Fortune 500 company, your website doesn’t have to be large. You can have a medium-sized website and most of the pages could be just about financial reports and press releases. You can run enterprise SEO campaigns for these small and mid-sized sites, but many SEO experts may not call them to be enterprise websites. A basic definition of an enterprise site could be that of Wikipedia, as it contains lots of content.

Features of Enterprise SEO

There are 4 main features to enterprise SEO, as are elaborated herewith.

1.      Keyword Selection

Enterprise SEO also revolves around smart keyword selection. The focus is on the selection of high/medium-tail keywords that could be combined with other words for making long tail keyphrases, and also to clarify categories/sub-categories.

1.      Automation of Rules

Proper enterprise CMS’s will allow you to create rules for setting up pages and loading them with content. For example, if you have a database of 1,000 products, you can create rules for automating the page setups. This will eliminate the need for setting them up one by one, which will be almost impossible.

2.      Well Optimised Templates

A template has all the proper tags, which will again eliminate the need for optimising each page one at a time. When it comes to enterprise SEO, you will need a little bit of advanced knowledge to work around with templates. You will have to be able to identify when data isn’t present in the database fields, and handle variations such as different number of pictures on different web pages.

3.      Selective Data Entry

Like other forms of SEO, good content is at the heart of enterprise SEO. This is the reason why the sites of all the large corporations are full of press releases and blogs. It will be required to enter all the data into the database and there should be consistent selection of categories/subcategories. Avoid the temptation to use stock text. Use the following two tips in this regard:

  • Make sure that that the data you receive will be compatible with the categories created and the automation rules.
  • If you are using stock text, make sure to rewrite it. You don’t want to have the same text as others in your field. If you can be unique, you can rank higher than your competition.

Consider these points when thinking of running an enterprise SEO campaign.

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