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Facebook Ads gets New Transparency Features

By June 30, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Facebook has released a series of new features to increase transparency of advertising. Amongst all the features, the new ‘View Ads’ feature is the most significant for marketers and businesses. Users will now be able to view global ads on Facebook and its properties. View Ads was first rolled out and tested in Canada. Now the feature will be available everywhere including the UK and Cyprus. Facebook’s other properties include Messenger and Instagram, and the feature will also be available on several of its partner sites and apps.

Access to Information on Political Ads

Users will be able to not just view all ads, the emphasis is specifically on political ads and public issue ads. Users will now be able to access information on various aspects of ads of public concern, including:

  • Cost of ads
  • Targeted audience demographics
  • The advertisers

Political advertisers will also be required to verify both their identity and location. This feature was first rolled out in Brazil and has gradually expanded to various countries. Facebook is also going to release an API that allows you to track the purchasing behaviour of an advertiser.

Facebook also released set of new rules of political ads. Political organisations and firms will no longer be able to run quick advertisements. The social network has increased its review times for such ads.

View Ads

According to the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, users will now be able to view all ads of businesses and organisations on the social media site and its other assets. When someone visits a Page, they can view the list of all the ads related to the Page. This includes organisations of all types, celebrities, and other types of pages.

Another feature is that users will be able to view detailed account of all changes made to a Page. This includes information like when a Page was created and all updates made to its name over the years. These features have been in test phase for some time in Canada.

Why the New Transparency Features?

Facebook has released the new features to provide more transparency after incidences like the Cambridge Analytica scandal and meddling of Russian elements to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The new features can raise concerns about access to information about ads by competitors. According to Sandberg, the company’s main goal is to reduce bad ads.

Thus, the new transparency features in ads can make Facebook a better platform for everyone.

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