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Facebook Announces New Security Feature Called Delegated Recovery

By February 3, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Facebook is making its next big move to improve account settings for its users, across the web. The social network has over 1.79 billion active monthly users and it is still growing. It has released a new security tool that has been named as Delegated Recovery. It is poised to make it easier to reset user password across different websites.

What is Delegated Recovery?

Users have always found that resetting their passwords has been a complicated and long process. It involves searching for the recovery email either in the inbox or spam folder and then using the link to redirect to a page where they could create a new password. The announcement about the new security feature was made by Brad Hill, Facebook’s’ security engineer.

The new security feature has been developed in collaboration with GitHub. One of Facebook’s goals is to replace the use of email as the central platform for a user’s identity management. Users will now be able to create encrypted recovery tokens for websites like GitHub. Whenever they forget their password, the new system will send the saved token from the user’s Facebook profile to GitHub. This system will help prove the user’s identity and unlock their account.

According to Brad, Facebook will not be able to read the details stored within the token. The new feature will be activated across all Facebook accounts from Tuesday. Users will have to save their recovery token within their Facebook account. It will be stored in encrypted form, preventing anyone from accessing users’ personal data.

Whenever users need to recover their GitHub account, all they need to do is re-authenticate to Facebook. Facebook will send the token to GitHub. Delegated Recovery is expected to expand further and reach across the web allowing Facebook users to enhance their account security across different websites. In other words, user security and account access will no longer be limited to the use of the traditional email.

Problems with the Email Security Model

If someone can access a user’s email account, they can hack into all their accounts. That has been the condition so far. With Delegated Recovery, Facebook wants to change that forever.

With the new tool, an additional layer of security will make things harder for hackers. According to Facebook, it has offered this new feature to make things easier for its users.

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