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According to latest announcement from Facebook, its Instant Articles feature can now be used by news publishers to include within their paid subscriptions program. The social media giant has been promoting this unique series of articles which it hosts on its own platform. The feature has also been supported by Apple News and Google AMP in the past.

With the new development, news publishers will be able to retain all the revenue that gets generated from subscriptions to Instant Articles. When someone clicks on the news, they will be directed to the publisher’s website.

According to the social network, this is going to help publishers sell their subscriptions more effectively, while also boosting their web traffic. In order to further strengthen news sites, Facebook is also expected to launch a subscription tool in the near future.

New Subscription Tool

The key features of the new tool are expected to be as follows:

  • Facebook is going to create a paywall that would get activated once a non-subscribing user will view 10 articles in a month from a specific news publisher.
  • Once the limit is reached, the social network will send the user to the publisher’s website to subscribe.


According to Facebook, the goal is to help its news publishers generate more revenue. High quality news costs big and it is Facebook’s objective to help its clients thrive on its platform. The paywall will be linked to the publisher’s website and help them keep all the revenue generated from subscriptions.

Comparison to Apple News

Apple has a digital subscription plan that charges a maximum of 30% on its news publishers for promoting their news stories on Apple News and its App Store. In addition, the company also has direct access to all the subscriber data. With the latest announcement, Facebook has given complete freedom to its publishers.


Another advantage of the latest announcement is that content will now be served faster at its place of origin. This will help reduce load times and improve user experience. Facebook will now have lesser control over it and the users will go directly to the source of the news, without having to go to the middle man.

Better user experience is also likely to further increase the subscription rate for its clients. With the new announcement about Instant Articles, it is expected that Facebook will see more news publishers choosing the platform for their subscriptions based model.

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