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Facebook Announces Testing Offline Video Feature

By July 7, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

One thing’s for sure with Facebook. Video is going to play an increasingly important role on this social site. If you thought it was following Google in becoming the next big search-place, its latest experiments show that the world’s largest social network is also following YouTube. Facebook is now testing an offline feature to allow its users to download videos so that they can watch later.

The goal is to make videos on Facebook accessible to everyone – even those with slower internet speeds!

How Does the Feature Work?

Users will get the option to download videos on Facebook when they have good connectivity so that they can watch them later, whenever they want. There’ll be no need to download the video again, thus saving on data costs. Users will also be able to watch the downloaded videos offline.

It allows you to download videos which have been posted within Facebook – by Pages or personal accounts. It doesn’t affect sponsored video or ads.

What makes this announcement from Facebook unique is that it was made through an email to few publishers.

Restrictions to Prevent Piracy

Facebook has placed some restrictions to ensure that there’s no chance of piracy.

All the videos get stored in Facebook app. This makes it impossible to distribute the videos without getting appropriate permissions.

Interestingly, publishers can also opt out of this feature by visiting their Page settings.

Comparison with YouTube

Beginning 2014, YouTube made it possible for its users to download videos so that they can watch them latter. But a limitation was placed on how long users could view the videos for – 48 hours from downloading.

Facebook Improvements

Facebook seems to have realised internet speed problems across the world. One similar effort from the company was in 2015 when it launched Facebook Lite, which is a lighter version of its full-fledged app.

The Facebook Lite app is now growing at a faster rate than the Facebook app itself.

According to the company’s email message sent to publishers, Facebook continues to make efforts to improve. The latest developments are focused on making the social network work easily and flawlessly for people from all over the world.

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