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Facebook App Embraces Google App Indexing for Improving Mobile User Experience

By November 18, 2015 No Comments

Facebook App Embraces Google App Indexing for Improving Mobile User Experience 1

The latest change with the Facebook App seems to indicate that the social giant is not satisfied with the existing massive volume of traffic it is already receiving. The social network has now implemented Google App Indexing to give a big boost to its mobile traffic. The new change has been currently implemented only on Android.

Earlier Google-Facebook Connections

Google has been indexing some of the social giant’s content for over 8 years. This specifically includes the profile page information. Gradually, the social site has been opening up more and more content to the search engine. The latest move is expected to help improve mobile experience for Facebook’s users.

What Does it Mean for Both the Companies?

Google App Indexing allows the search engine to move users from a webpage listing to an app where the same content is loaded. So whenever someone clicks on your business’ Facebook listing in SERPs, Google could open up Facebook app and load the content there instead of opening your webpage. But for this to happen, Facebook should have opened up that content to Google. The kind of content that typically falls in this category includes:

  • Your business profile
  • Profile pages (public)
  • Public Groups
  • Public Events

But this excludes personal statuses and posts even if they are public. This content may be indexed by Google, there is no Google App Indexing code from Facebook that covers them. So this type of content is likely to open in browser and not in Facebook App.

Android Vs iOS

Currently the new changes are expected to appear only on Android. The social network has not implemented the system for iOS or Windows Mobile. So when users will search for your content on their iPhones and Windows Phone devices and open your Facebook content, it will not open in Facebook App. The social giant has not confirmed if it will be rolling it out on other platforms in near future.

This will not only help improve mobile experience, it will also help with your business’ SEO. The new change is in line with the best practices in search engine optimisation. So if you want to improve your search engine rankings, make sure to support your SEO campaigns with the right apps.

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