Facebook has re-launched its Events app with a new name – “Facebook Local.” It will help its users to find restaurants, bars and local attractions with ease. The app has been launched on Android and iOS platforms. It relies on Facebook’s own search engine that comprises of a staggering 70 million business pages. Users can also check check-ins by their friends and reviews against businesses within this app.

Advertising Prospects

According to Facebook, the new app will not have any advertising model during the early phase. Such an app offers great advertising opportunities for local businesses and events to stand out. It is expected to open up advertising solutions in the future.

The Facebook Local App

Besides the app being re-launched under a new brand, Facebook has also made an update to its main social networking app. The Nearby feature in the Facebook app has also been renamed as ‘Local’.

Facebook Local will allow users to choose from different bars on the same street. They will also be able to find out which one has a band.

  • The app’s home page displays shortcuts so that users can view nearby restaurants, attractions, drinks and cafes among other local spots.
  • It also shows where friends or followed accounts go.
  • A calendar of the user’s day’s Events will be shown.
  • It shows Trending Events feed that covers art, nightlife, music and various happenings.

The Events app was first launched last year. It allowed friends to get together at a local event or business place. It allowed them to view invites to events along with the wall posts. Users could also view happenings near to them.

Currently, the Facebook Local app doesn’t allow users to order anything. The Order Food feature in Facebook app allows users to do so. Users can, however, come across a link in restaurant pages that takes them to a deliverer’s page.

Facebook Local Competitors

Foursquare and Yelp are considered as the main competitors to the Facebook Local app. The advantage it has is the vast local business data available to Facebook. And this data is connected to user generated content and social graph (reviews and photos among other content).

Businesses can benefit from the new feature by becoming more active with their Facebook Pages. You can also convert your offline happenings into these Events and encourage customers to create more social content relevant to your business.

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