The first time Facebook introduced Marketplace, it was offered as a peer-to-peer selling place. The social giant has now expanded the site’s content and categories, allowing businesses to feature their content. It is also reaching businesses and consumers in more countries. Content is now being added from more listings and a wide range of data aggregators.

According to latest reports, daily deals can be seen featured on Marketplace from sites like eBay. Even Marketplace’s head has confirmed the expansions taking place across different domains.


Even for the currently available categories within the selling platform, the social giant will be adding listings. These listings will be added from both content aggregators and businesses.

The categories will show presentations of professional/individual listings.

The new categories added are as following:

  • Shops
  • Daily deals
  • Jobs
  • Tickets

All the categories will have unique filters so that users will be able to navigate and access more listings. These filters will be specifically designed for each category.

Further Changes to Marketplace

Facebook is testing the new changes on select users to gain valuable data before a full-fledged launch. The need for expanding content arose when the social media site learned that users are seeking wider choice of options. According to the company executives, it is also observing search queries and user engagement experience to decide the next series of features.


If your business sells products or services, Marketplace will now pull content from your Pages. All you have to do is to add inventory or content to the Shop section within your Pages. You can also use tools of sites like Shopify if you are using their services to sell your products.

Marketplace allows the social media site to gain information about online and offline transactions. Buyers and sellers are able to communicate offline transactions through listings pages. According to Facebook, the social network will be managing the online purchase transactions. Facebook has also developed and tested an advertising program for Marketplace.


Marketplace is expected to be targeted at Craigslist and it’s like. It is multi-billion pound annual market. After having conquered the social media domain, Facebook is expected to take the big leap in a new area.

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