Facebook has announced that it has released a food ordering feature. It is a major commerce tool from the social media site. It has had been developing a wide range of commerce tools, mostly focused on local transactions. This new feature is going to open new avenues for Facebook users while also creating new advertising opportunities for businesses.

Now Order Food on Facebook

Facebook has already begun reaching out to restaurant chains and delivery aggregators to facilitate the new feature. Users will now be able to see options from different food ordering services including:

  • Delivery.com
  • EatStreet
  • ChowNow
  • Olo
  • DoorDash

Some of the restaurants that have been included in this list are Papa John’s, Five Guys, Panera and Jack in the Box. Users will no longer have to search at different places for their favorite foods. Facebook will now become a great place for you to search for it.

And the social aspect to it is still retained – find out the opinions of your friends for a restaurant where you want to order food!

Facebook now allows you to do a lot through this new feature:

  • Search for your favorite foods
  • Check reviews from other users
  • Find out what your friends have to say
  • Complete transactions from within Facebook app

Facebook is not charging any transaction fees. So consumers will not have to worry about paying anything extra. The new feature will simply add more convenience to the food ordering process, without leaving your favorite social media site app.

On the other hand, it will open more advertising opportunities for businesses on Facebook.

Recent Developments at Facebook

Facebook has also released features in the past, taking it closer to become a media company. A year ago, the company had announced several collaborations and tools within its app. This included:

  • Food ordering and booking for Facebook Pages
  • Local event discovery feature
  • Social recommendations

In May this year, Facebook launched the “order food” option within its main navigation. The latest roll out takes the feature to the next level. You can complete the entire transaction from within Facebook without the need for leaving it. It was earlier facilitated through Delivery.com and Slice. But the new announcement takes it beyond and offers many more options.

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