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Facebook Launches Hello App with Free Calling and Unique User Search Feature

By May 8, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Facebook Launches Hello App with Free Calling and Unique User Search Feature 1

Facebook has taken phone calling to the next level by launching its new app called Hello. Imagine being able to learn about the name of an unknown person who is calling you over. Facebook is going to use its own database of over 1.3 billion users to match the phone numbers with the Facebook profiles. The social giant has launched it for an initial test phase in the United States, Brazil and Nigeria.

What is Hello?

Hello will be available only on Android. Hello will display the name and Facebook profile picture of the caller even if you haven’t saved the ID in your contacts list. This will enable you to determine whether you want to pick up the number or not.

Hello works by running an instant Facebook graph search on a number that calls you or a number you call. You will find a lot of similarities to TrueCaller, the caller ID app. The inspiration behind the new app is to change the phone call experience that has continued to remain almost the same for several decades.


There is though a limitation to Hello. It will display the names and photos of only those phone numbers that have been shared on Facebook. So if someone hasn’t added his phone number to his Facebook profile, the number will be off the instant search and it will not display any information on the app. In addition, Hello will only display the names of those Facebook users who have shared their user publicly on the social site or shared with you.

How it Works?

Hello is available as a free app on the Play Store. It is easy to setup. You will have to sign-up using your Facebook account and allow it to sync your contacts with Facebook. You will also have to let it interact with phone calls.

So when you get a call, Hello will display the name along with the Facebook profile photo of the user. The app also allows you to block certain numbers. But there is more to it – you can also search for users and businesses using this app and call them right away. Most interestingly, you could also make free calling using Hello (but only on WiFi).

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