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Facebook Launches Workplace Separating Work Life from Personal Life

By October 11, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Facebook has always been expanding throughout its lifecycle. All social networks hard their peak, followed by stagnation. In examples like Orkut and MySpace, lack of innovation and diversity seems to be at the root cause of the decline in their popularity. Facebook, however, continued to grow – most likely due to its constant effort to create something new, extend, and reach out. In its latest move, the social network has launched Workplace. This new program connects people with their colleagues.

Separate Logins

Users require separate accounts for Facebook and Workplace. The Facebook account is intended for the old personal account and the new Workplace is something similar to LinkedIn and requires a separate account for work. The Workplace account has a tiny fee associated with it, which is intended to be paid by user employers.

Integrating Social Network & Enterprise

With the new software launch, Facebook has blurred the difference between social networks and enterprise. It provides access to Slack-like tools for building extracurricular communities. Users get access to directories of different teams which are categorised based on different hobbies including:

  • Fantasy baseball
  • Camping & hiking
  • Psychedelic

And much more!

There are also teams discussing marketing, programming languages, and start-ups. Some communities are also asking for user LinkedIn pages for considering new memberships. Then there are teams that also require users to pay entry fee.


Currently, users’ work accounts don’t feature ads like their Facebook walls. It is currently limited to group communication and messaging. There are no tools for creating documents like in Google or Microsoft.

According to latest reports, there are already more than a thousand enterprises using Workplace. All these companies joined Work during the beta period. It is worth adding that this software has been in beta for almost 2 years now. They have been using it for free. But with the full-fledged release, everyone will now have to pay the tiny fee.

So What Is Facebook Charging Now?

Currently, Facebook is charging around one to three dollars per user. On the other hand Slack is charging more than twice that amount for its standard plan.

As Workplace reaches more users, more of its features and tools will be revealed. For more information about the software and the relevant advertising features it is recommended to visit https://thesearchmarketingshop.com/social/page-management/. You can find more details about the ad opportunities and get help from industry-leading online marketing experts.