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Facebook Updates Mentions App to Allow Live News Broadcast for Journalists

By September 11, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Facebook Updates Mentions App to Allow Live News Broadcast for Journalists 1

Facebook has announced a new tool for journalists to make the most of its services. It is an apparent move to give more flexibility to journalists with the Mentions app, something similar to what celebrities are already enjoying.

What Does Mentions Offer Journalists?

Journalists will now be able to post live onto the social network. This includes a variety of possibilities including:

  • Announcement of breaking news
  • Hosting live question and answers with followers
  • Behind the scene reports

This is expected to make livestreaming more mainstream.

According to Mentions’ Vadim Lavrusik, the new update in the app is to enhance experience for journalists, supporting them with news gathering, reader-connect, or driving distribution.

Additional Features

There is much more that the app can let you achieve. It will allow journalists to keep track over people who are ‘mentioning’ about you. You could also follow topics of interest and trends, and be able to determine whom to share your posts with.

Earlier all these features were available only to prominent figures. It will now be available to anyone having a verified page or profile, through Mentions.

The Livestreaming Revolution

Journalists will be able to use Facebook Live within Mentions. This video streaming feature was limited earlier to only celebrities with verified profiles.

Facebook Updates Mentions App to Allow Live News Broadcast for Journalists 2


Mentions was introduced first in 2014. The livestreaming feature was, however, made available only a month ago. Twitter also has Periscope that offers livestreaming feature. Even YouTube is working to enhance the experience it is already offering its users in the domain.

The new development, especially with a social network that has almost 1.50 billion users, is expected to deliver richer real-time experience. Now users will be able to view live news on Facebook. The social site could take over the role of live TV news.

Journalists and public figures will now be able to hold live Q&A sessions using nothing more than their phone. This will allow them to interact directly with their followers. Mentions will also improve interactions between newsrooms and their communities.

Twitter has long remained the mainstay for journalists. It has facilitated their duties in many ways.

  • For breaking news
  • For monitoring stories
  • To interact with colleagues
  • To gather questions from readers

The Mentions app is expected give a tougher challenge to Twitter, with Facebook Live taking Periscope directly.

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