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Facebook Web Ads Render AdBlockers Ineffective

By August 10, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

With the latest changes in Facebook web ads, it will become even easier for businesses to reach their targeted audience on the largest social network. The new update makes it difficult for adblockers to distinguish the HTML between Facebook organic content and web ads. Facebook users are already beginning to get notifications in their Newsfeed that if they are using adblockers they may not work anymore.

Why People Use AdBlockers?

When Facebook conducted a study to find out why almost 200 million users are blocking ads using such software, the following reasons were found:

  • To avoid disruptive ads
  • To avoid ads that hinder browsing experience
  • To prevent malware threats

Interestingly, privacy was nowhere near the top reason! The social networks new focus is not only to go beyond adblockers with its ads, but also to create ads which are safe and non-interruptive.

The company doesn’t want to allow adblockers and the underlying reasons to prevent businesses from reaching people with their products! The social network generates a major part of its revenue from ad sales.

Facebook Mobile Ads

Adblockers however don’t affect Facebook’s mobile version. The Facebook app has an even larger market penetration because its users spend most of their time on the app.

It is expected that the number of US users who will use adblockers will grow by 35% in 2016 and 24% in 2017.

With the growth in mobile app usage, it is expected that the use of mobile ad blocking software will also grow.

Interestingly, the social network had also listed these programs as a ‘risk’ in its latest financial filing. Mobile represents 84% of the site’s ad revenue and preventing mobile ad blocking is even more important for it.

Advantages to Advertisers

With the new change, advertisers will benefit by reaching Facebook users almost unhindered. It is expected that Facebook ad-spend is going to get a big boost from this step.

However, this doesn’t mean that users are at any disadvantage. Facebook is giving them the option to opt-out of ad targeting and custom Audience lists. These changes can be made from within the settings for Ad Preferences. Users can block ads shown from specific industries.

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