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Content marketing has continued to evolve over the years. Today, it is at a stage where it is undergoing a big change of diversification. Its current direction gives a clear indication of where it is headed.

In the future, there will be need for more diverse content based on what your target audience prefers. Research and data will become more important and quality will continue to hold its reign.

Here are 5 future trends expected in content marketing.

1. Creative Formats

The future of content marketing will focus on not just textual content but on different formats. As search engines will ‘evolve’ to read images, visual content will become increasingly important and brands will have to invest in different content formats. The future of content marketing will go beyond blogging, articles and eBooks.

The need for different formats will also change even for your targeted audience. Different people (within your target audience) will have different preferences for the content format.

Some would want to read text, others will prefer listening to audio, and others may want to get the information in a video. If you want to succeed with your content strategy, you will have to create content that caters to the needs of different groups within your target audience.

Currently, the most prevalent content marketing strategy is to create content that is preferred by the majority of your audience.

2. Content Marketing will Grow Beyond Conventional Advertising

Content marketing is going to become bigger than traditional advertising in the future. The reason is simple – this form of marketing is more cost-effective compared to traditional forms of marketing such as ads.

3. Data & Research will Become More Important

Future content will be backed by original research and data. New tools will be developed to allow content creators to gather research-based information they can use to support their points.

High quality content in the future will be mostly data-backed. Google has already begun giving more value to content that is based on reliable data and figures. Brands and content creators in the future will not have any excuse not to back up their content with data.

4. Quality will Become Increasingly Important

Content quality will become even more important in the future. In fact, it will become even more important than quantity. The more successful brands will go beyond their competitor’s strategies and will invest more time and effort in more research-based, journalism styled long-form content.

Frequency of publishing content is an important factor to search engine algorithms, but quality of content is going to be even more important a factor. There will be no point in publishing many blog posts in a week if they will not be generating much traffic.

5. Focus on Extra-Long or Extra-Short Content

In the future, the more engaging content will be either too long or too short. You would want to create content that is either too long, offers in-depth information, and has a long-form of storytelling or something that is concise and gives a striking message.

The concise-style copy will find place where there is need for sending across instant messages. Think of tweets, mobile apps, and interactive content.

The long-form content is going to find place in blogs, articles, whitepapers, eBooks, and other online resources. Your target audience will read and share your content only if it is worth it.

Content will continue to be the king in the future, but it is going to diversify. Long-form, data-based and high quality content will matter more than anything else. Content marketing is expected to become so important that it can become bigger than traditional advertising.

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