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Gboard for Android Gets an Update: Now You Can Draw Emojis

By June 15, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Gboard by Google has received a new update in Android, with new emoji search features and phrase suggestions being the new additions. Now you can draw and get emoji suggestions. Google will automatically recognise your drawing and come up with the most relevant emojis.

Supported Languages

Gboard will also anticipate what you are going to type further. Initially it will be available in English, but Google has said that it has plans to expand to more new languages. This includes:

  • French
  • Azerbaijani
  • Maori
  • Hawaiian
  • Samoan
  • Dhivehi

Google AI Research

The new update to Gboard is a result of the AI research that has been going on at Google. It helps the program to access the massive volume of data available to the search engine, allowing it to learn over time.

Now there will be multiple results when you search for something in the keyboard. It will now be able to predict not just the next word, but even full phrases.

This feature will also make it simpler to search and share within apps. There will be better connection with other apps like YouTube and Maps.

Gboard also get better understanding of natural language. So when you type something like “looking forward,” it will make suggestions to complete the phrase with phrases like “to seeing” or “to it.” Earlier, the only thing Gboard could do was to suggest the next possible word.

Image Recognition

Google’s image recognition section has been making pretty good advances off late. So even when you draw a cat, the technology is going to suggest an appropriate emoji.

The emoji drawing recognition system has evolved after years of AI-based drawing tests. Autodraw is one such example that recognises drawings and makes suggestions in the form of illustrations.

About Gboard

Gboard offers one of the smartest ways for communicating using a phone, but its Apple (iOS) counterpart was considered to be slightly better. With the new changes, it will get its edge from its access to Google’s AI-based predictive language capabilities and Google search. With this new update, it will become even better. It will become easier and faster to type.

The new changes will initially be released to the Android version of Gboard. An update to iOS version is expected to take place in some time.

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