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Google Adds New Store Visit Measurement Metric to AdWords

By December 22, 2014 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google Adds New Store Visit Measurement Metric to AdWords 1

Google has added new features to its AdWords tools to allow businesses to learn which products are actually driving “consumers” to stores. The new metric tool is termed “store visit measurement” and is added to the Estimated Total Conversions tool. You will now be able to get a deeper perspective on how your consumers are engaging with your online business.

 Store Visit Concept

The new Store Visit metric is based on the overall search ads of your brand on Google (and across all the devices). This includes:

  • PLA
  • Search ads
  • Local inventory ads

You can rely on the insights from the data to determine the products are driving your consumers.

Google’s Example

Google Adds New Store Visit Measurement Metric to AdWords 2

Google also provided an example focused on Office Depot. The office supplies company could make use of its store visit data to check if the HP printer is driving consumers to its stores. The results of the findings can be used to determine if Office Depot should be including HP printer in their local ads. This will help the company realise the effects of its search ads. It will thus be able to properly allocate its ad budget – to products that will generate more sales.

Data Based Concept

According to the search giant, the new metric was created also to ensure the security and privacy of data. This is a data based concept but Google will not reveal the actual location of the user to the advertiser. Store visits are calculated as estimates on aggregated data of users who have turned their Location History on, but the data is essentially “anonymised.”

According to Google, the new Store Visit Measurement is in its initial phase. The search engine hasn’t yet made a full roll out of the feature. Google plans to collaborate with more advertisers to find out how to get more out of this tool.

Google hasn’t however revealed whether the new metric feature will be available to users throughout the world. It is however a great feature for the festive season, when online stores expect to record the biggest sales ever. Google seems to have released the new metric at the right time.

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