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Google Ads Releases Click-to-Message & Store Visits Updates

By October 31, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, has received a series of new updates. The most prominent amongst these is the click-to-message feature. The new features will allow you to connect your store visits to your marketing efforts that drive your customers to your site and physical store. Now users will be able to send auto reply or email.

Click-to-Message Feature

Google Ads is rolling out the following abilities to the click-to-message feature.

  • Email Forwarding: This capability allows users to send text messages through email. You will not have to provide your phone number for using message extensions. When you respond to an email, an automatic text message is sent back to the user.
  • Automatic Replies: You can now set up automatic replies. Set standard messages that will be sent to users to acknowledge that you have received their message. For example, you can set a thank you message and mention how soon your can respond.

Message Conversions

The advertising program has also added message conversions to message reporting. You can set the number of minimum user-initiated interactions it takes to qualify it as a conversion. For example, if it takes an average of 2 communications from a user to book your service, you can set that as your conversion benchmark.

Store Visits Tools

Now you will be able to access store visits stats from your account.

  • Data-Based Attribution/Bidding: The data-based attribution feature is based on machine learning. The system attributes credits to each conversion/interaction. It includes features like Target CPA, Enhanced CPC, Maximise Conversion, and Target ROAS.
  • Google Analytics: The search giant has also announced that Store Visits in Google Analytics will now be out of beta. This feature allows you to measure the effectiveness of your digital campaigns in the offline world. According to the company, it has measured over 10 billion storefront visits from Google Ads in a month.

Benefits of the New Features

With the new updates, the format will become more flexible. It will become easier for you to manage the messages and gain insights into the user intents. It will also become easier to determine how your online ad campaigns are driving foot traffic to your storefronts.

These updates have been announced just before the holiday season. As an advertiser, you can use all the information to boost your conversions with Smart Bidding. The updates are rolling out to all eligible advertisers worldwide.

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