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Google AdWords Call-Only Ads Update: Business Name Now Appears with Phone Number

By August 24, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Around a year ago Google released its call-only ads. It has been a great feature at many levels, but with only one issue – only the phone number of businesses appears in the ads. There was no business name. So it was not something that made a lot of sense for most advertisers. But the search giant has taken note of complaints and is now including business names in the ads.

Inclusion of Business Names

The earlier call-only ads in Google displayed only a phone number the searchers could call. Google has recently released an update, without making an announcement, with the business name appearing along with the phone number. The business names now appear in a second headline.

The same results can be seen in mobile search too. It is now showing business name or advertiser’s domain in the second line after the phone number.

What are Call-Only Ads?

Call-only ads were introduced by Google more than a year ago. Users began noticing the new ad unit in AdWords which was focused on mobile advertisers who sought calls for conversions. It had a more direct approach to conversions and has been considered a good product except for one reason.

The feature could be selected during the ad creation process. It made it easier to create mobile ads meant for direct calls.

What was there Before Call-Only Ads?

Before the call-only ads, marketers had to setup an in-detail call extension. This new format made everything simpler. You could easily create ads and then select ‘call-only ad’ type from a drop down list.

Driving Calls & Traffic

Call-only ads were focused more on generating calls but the display of the URL also helped generate some traffic. Once you placed all your ad information, including phone number and URL, all it did was to display your phone number along with the ‘call’ button and URL at the bottom.

The URL was displayed only to show who the searchers were calling. When someone clicked on the ad, the number would be loaded to their phone’s calling application. It didn’t however show the business name.

The functionality has however been considered as a great product to help marketers save valuable time. It is also well integrated into as a ‘true mobile’ concept.

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