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Google AdWords Finally Comes to iPhone

By February 3, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

There’s good news for iPhone users, especially business owners and online marketers. Google has announced the release of AdWords app for iOS. You can now check the performance of your campaign, adjust your budgets and change bids directly using your iPhone. With this development, now everyone can use AdWords from their phone. The release has come globally and will be available to users in the UK too.

Full-Version Release against Beta

Google had already released an invitation-only beta app for iOS back in December. The new app also allows you to act on campaign suggestion, get ad status notifications, and generate billing. You may also call AdWords reps for customer support. There is a tab that allows you to instantly call or email Google. It also allows searching support documents.

Home Screen

The Home screen is the hub of the new app. Here you can get an instant summary of figures such as:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Trends over time

You can also customise the data that should appear and in which order.

Management Tools

The management tools in AdWords for iOS allow you to do a lot:

  • Start/halt campaigns
  • Controlling bids for keywords/ad groups
  • Adjusting daily budgets

You will also get suggestions on improving the performance of your campaigns.

The AdWords for iOS app triggers notifications against crucial events, like stopping campaign due to insufficient funds.

The app is available for free download. Make sure you have at least iOS 7 on your device.

Apple Woes

Apple has been working on releasing iAD, but the launch faced incessant hindrance. The first one was Apple’s demand for a minimum $1 million buy-in (along with close control). The disagreements continued for a long time, bringing down the buy-in to just $50 in certain cases. Other issues included Google’s well-established position in mobile advertising and iOS exclusivity.

The release of AdWords for iOS is not expected to thwart the existence of iAd. It is expected that it will remain here of some time. Apple has however shown signs of cutting down in the iAd App Network. Chances are that iAd may soon be turned into an automated service.

With the release of AdWords for iOS, both Google and Bing’s PPC products are now available for iOS and Android.

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