Google AdWords Gets New User Interface - The Search Marketing Shop

Google has updated the AdWords interface and there is an entirely new experience to it. The new UI update has been released in the form of a continuous, steady roll out to an increasing number of advertisers. In fact, it has had been rolling out for almost a year now. According to the search giant, the new AdWords UI will reach everyone by the end of 2017. Among other new additions, the practical new visualisations are great for saving time on analysis.

Switch between the Old & New UI

Interestingly, advertisers are allowed to switch back to the earlier interface. You can in fact switch back and forth between the new and old UI. This will be beneficial to advertisers who find it hard to get used to the new interface. This is rare for Google to allow the option to switch between the old and the new.

New Features & Layout

Some of the new features which can be found in the new user interface are as following:

  • Promotion Extensions: These extensions let you display and link to a particular offer within text ads. The extension has tag icon that makes it easier to notice. It is available from within the new UI to all advertisers. Earlier it was accessible only to a few select users who had beta access.
  • Target Household Income in Search: There is a new feature within Demographics tab that allows you to target household income in search campaigns. You can also generate household income reports. Earlier, household income targets would be set only using location targeting. There is a chart atop the page that provides you a quick view of how your campaigns are performing within the different segments of household income. You can set bid adjustments at the ad group or campaign level.
  • Audiences Page: There is also a new Audiences Page that allows you to manage audience targeting and optimisation from one place.

Google AdWords has also introduced a new terminology for some features and functions. “Target and bid” is now known as ‘Targeting’. ‘Target’ is now referred to as ‘Observations’. Google is also planning new additions to the new UI. This includes landing page performance, Google attribution, custom in-market audiences, and store sales measurement uploads.

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