As a multi-disciplined digital marketing agency we strive for maximum site performance. The Search Marketing Shop offers up to the minute pay per click management to drive visitor traffic and boost your page ranking.

We will supply you with a Google partner and Bing accredited professional technician dedicated to looking after your Google or Bing marketing campaign. Your Google Adwords management bundle includes the latest advances in PPC advertising and is strictly compliant to best practice search engine marketing.

A campaign can be created from scratch or we can manage your existing campaign and make informed changes.

What is Google AdWords (Google Ads)?

Google AdWords (Google Ads) is a search engine marketing and PPC advertising programme. Your Ad will appear at the top of a Google search when keywords are typed into the Google search box. The specific keywords used in the Ad directly relate to specific products or services that you want to promote.

Our online ads are carefully designed to increase traffic to your website, help sell products or services, promote your business and raise brand awareness.

Every lead, sale, or contact is tracked – Analytics provides important insight into understanding how your ad is performing. Successful campaigns are built upon knowing what’s happening every step of the way along the customer journey. It’s essential that your AdWords account is linked to Google Analytics. We ensure that every lead, sale, or contact is constantly tracked within your AdWords account, so we can see in precise detail, how an Adwords campaign led to a successful conversion.

There can be many reasons why one campaign is more successful than another

Adwords clearly reveals the keyword that led to an enquiry, and Analytics can provide vital data on which time of the day, user location, position on page, device used, plus much more. If you currently do not use Google Analytics, our developer team can set up conversion tracking, including call tracking.

Smart remarketing campaigns

Did you know that remarketing conversion rates increase the more times a user has seen your ad. Retargeted visitors are three times more likely to click on an ad and 70 per cent more likely to convert. Your consultant can create smart remarketing campaigns aimed at all visitors to a particular page on your site.

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Google Premier Partner

Clients are choosing us for Google AdWords management, over hundreds of other Google Partners.

Google Premier Partner

No long term contracts

We don’t believe in the need to tie you down! We want you to stay out of choice – because you want to, not because you have to.

Your Google Ads – how we manage your campaign

Once a strategy  has been created around site-specific requirements and the Adwords campaign is up and running, your consultant will carefully manage all bids.  Throughout the month, your search query report will be checked and negative keywords added to ensure your ads only target your potential customers. The consultant will also change ad text according to A/B testing, and optimise for devices, locations, and time schedules. Your strategist will constantly adjust your campaign to give you the best chance of achieving maximum conversions.

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Why you need to be using a Google Premier Partner

No more money wasted on clicks. A Google partner and Bing accredited professional assigned to your account is  estimated to save around 60 hours of your time each month – and save you more money than the nominal cost of the management fee.

Stay ahead of your competitors. A Google partner is always up to date with the latest AdWords features, and crucially, we can also seamlessly integrate them into your account.

We help to keep you ahead of the game. Our direct connection within Google via the partners programme will highlight any potential issues in advance and Beta test latest features.

Achieve a higher position on the page at a lower cost per click. An expert, experienced professional is always more likely to create quality ads and generate higher quality scores.

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Google Premier Partner
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