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Google AdWords Receives a Major update to Keyword Quality Score Reporting

By August 4, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google AdWords Receives a Major update to Keyword Quality Score Reporting 1

Google recently brought some notable changes to the way AdWords reports keyword quality score. This is however not a change in the way how quality score gets calculated. The update is claimed to affect only the numbers. The last time the search engine updated the program’s quality score reporting back in 2013.

Why the Change in AdWords?

According to Google, the update will allow simplification of many of AdWords’ core systems. The result will be in the form of improved reporting with higher accuracy for high-traffic keywords.

The biggest change to AdWords reporting is that keywords will have a default score of 6 even before they start generating traffic. The scores will improve when adequate impressions have accumulated.

This is a major shift from how quality score reporting used to work. Earlier, quality scores of new keywords were based on two factors:

  • The performance of the keywords
  • Historical performance of the account

According to Google, the default score of 6 will make things easier for everyone including marketers. The search engine itself will not have to conduct ‘heavy processing’ for assigning quality scores to keywords which haven’t yet received any impressions.

What it Means of Account Managers?

The quality score is just like a placeholder to start with. Google AdWords could have started with a quality score of 1, but it chose 6 to give a higher score for marketers to start with.

Google made the announcement on Google+ about the Quality Score update. The searches engine however reiterated that the new update will not affect your ads, CPCs or ad rankings in any way. It is nothing more than a reporting change. It will not have any effect on the ranking algorithm.

The biggest change visible to marketers will be in the form of the starting quality score of 6 for keywords to start with. Once Google starts getting data about the keywords, it will update the score accordingly. According to the official release, it could take 24 hours or more to get the data and update he quality score.

So overall, the new update will only bring a change to AdWords reporting and not to ad ranking or the processes.

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