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Google AdWords Releases Two New Reports to Track Store Visits

By December 20, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Marketers have always found it perplexing to track in-store visits based on their online marketing campaigns. Things will become easier for everyone with the latest reports from Google AdWords. Now you will be able to find out how many ad clicks turned into in-store visits. Two new reports have been added to the AdWords dashboard for the purpose.

New AdWords Reports

The two new reports are named as AdWords Distance Reporting and Store Visits Performance.

  • AdWords Distance Reporting: This report keeps track of store visits based on the distance of users from your store when they start searching for your products/services. You can also define the radius of the store visit so that you can target ads on an area.
  • Store Visits Performance: This report gives you info about the areas from where you are generating most of your ad clicks that translate into store visits. The advantage of this report is that you can target your bidding and budget on the areas that help drive the most in-store visits.

Advantages of Having Store Visits Data

The store visits data about user location can help you get a view of the areas from where you are generating more of your visits. The new AdWords reports allow you even to target the postal code.

This can also helps you in closing the online-to-offline gap. You can focus on location targeting and adjust bids for the areas that drive more store visits. When you have adequate number of clicks and store traffic, you can view the store visits data in the distance reports for your search campaigns. It is expected that it will also become visible within the Shopping campaigns in the near feature. Similarly, user location and geographic reports will also be released shortly.

Shopping Statistics

Google has also released some data relevant to holiday shopping to show the importance of in-store visits. Last year, almost 60% of mobile shopping searches took place before 6 pm on Thanksgiving Day. This is the time when many stores open and there is dramatic surge in in-store foot traffic. The in-store traffic was highest between noon and 4 pm on Black Friday.

The new reports by Google are expected to give a big boost to advertisers’ campaigns. You will be able to target specific areas more effectively while saving time and money. If you want more information about the latest reports and want to boost your AdWords campaigns, it is recommended to visit for more information.