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Google Agrees to Implement Privacy Policy Changes in the UK

By February 5, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google Agrees to Implement Privacy Policy Changes in the UK 1

The last time Google made any changes to its privacy policies it was in 2012. Since then the search giant hasn’t responded well to requests by many governments. But last week Google showed some positive signs of adhering to the UK regulators’ complaints.

Google has eventually complied with changing its policy after being pressurised by the UK Information Commissioner’ Office (ICO). According to the ICO the company’s privacy policy is “vague” in describing how it uses user personal information collected from its online products and services.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Google will be making the following changes to its privacy policy to comply with the country’s laws regarding protection of user data.

  • The privacy policy will be made accessible.
  • Providing “comprehensive information” about data processing – the kind of data Google processes and the goal behind data processing.
  • Redesigning Google’s settings to make privacy controls easily accessible to users.
  • Taking steps for ensuring that passive users are informed about the way their data will be processed. “Passive users” refers to guest users.
  • Provide complete information about “which” third parties will be collecting the aggregated information and how they will be using the data.

Deadline for Policy Changes

Google Agrees to Implement Privacy Policy Changes in the UK 2

The ICO has given June 2015 as the deadline to the search giant for implementing the policy changes. It is claimed that after these changes in the UK, Google will be making further efforts to comply with the requests and threats made by several EU governments. It is expected that Google will be announcing similar changes for EU in the next few weeks.

The EU Situation

EU regulators have claimed the latest developed to be a positive move by Google. Several data protection officials in the EU had been working to force Google to bring a wide range of privacy policy changes related to disclosure and data usage information to users.

France and Spain have already fined the search giant for violating the countries’ privacy laws. What is of more concern from the perspective of Google is how it will now be able to use the data for its ad-targeting processes.

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