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Google Algorithm Update: Unconfirmed Update ‘Fred’ Reported by SEO Community

By March 10, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

It was only a few weeks ago that Google was believed to release a major algorithm update. The search engine is believed to have released another major update titled as ‘Fred’. According to observations, it is ranking update and seems to be targeting aspects related to link quality.

The update began to be called the Fred Update after Gary Illyes of Google made a suggestive joke to name all updates as “Fred.”

Recent Spate of Updates

Google has seemingly released a number of updates in the last two months. This update seems to be a spam algorithm update focused on links. Another spam-targeting update was released early last month. There was another content-quality based update last month, and all these updates haven’t been confirmed by the search giant.

Despite the veil of silence around these updates, the SEO community and users have been able to detect and report major shifts in search results on all these occasions. It is not just the industry chatter that indicates a major update recently, all the automated tracking tools have also shown big fluctuations.

When Google was contacted to comment on the latest update, the only response was that the search engine is releasing updates all the time.

Response from SEO Community

Many webmasters and online marketers have confirmed that their rankings in SERPs have increased dramatically. Almost everyone has claimed that this seems to be a link-quality based update and doesn’t have anything to do with content quality.

One of the main reasons this Google update seems to be link-quality related is because it has created a lot of activity in the non-white hat forums. Those forums always light up with big chatter when there are updates to link-quality algorithm.

Apparently, those who followed ethical SEO strategies have experienced positive outcomes after this algorithm update. All the major tracking tools have also shown major updates.

Earlier Updates

The content-quality focused update released last month was considered to be close to Google Panda. Many in the SEO community noticed big changes in their keyword performance reports. Initially it was believed that the search engine was testing some new algorithm, but they never made any confirmation.

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