Google Allows Users to Download their Search History

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Google Allows Users to Download their Search History 1

Google will now allow its users to download their search history. The search giant has unveiled this on the heels of its mobile-friendly search algorithm. When you download your search history, Google will save it to your Takeout folder in Google Drive. This will allow you to access the file from anywhere.

Deleting Search History

Google has made it clear that this new feature will, in no way, lead to the deletion of a user’s search history. But it has provided information about the way to delete it. So if you don’t want to keep that search history, you could use the following methods:

  • Visit Web & Activity Page
  • Click Options
  • Select search history items to be deleted
  • Click on Remove
  • Click on Remove from the Beginning of all Time to delete the entire search history

Pausing Search History

Google also provides an option to deactivate your search history recordings. This option can be found in the web activity search page. Once you activate it, your searches will not be archived any longer.

Google has given two crucial warnings about downloading search history:

  • Download it only on your personal computer
  • Make sure that your Google account’s password is strong and well protected from others

A single login and password provides access to Google’s entire suite of products including Google Drive, Google+ and Gmail.

Downloading Search History

In order to download your search history, you should visit the Google history page. Make sure that you are signed in. Click on the “gear” icon and choose “download.” Google will then inform you that the records are under preparation. You will then receive an email with a link to download the search history archive. You will also receive a copy of the file in your Google Drive.

Google has always allowed its users to check their search history online, but this is something different. The search giant has also included a warning that states that users check with their country’s laws about carrying information along with the when travelling.

The new feature will allow users to see through their search history or even delete it. In fact, most users weren’t aware of such a recorded search history feature in their Google account.

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